Declaring a major

Enrolling as a Psychology Major

Students are encouraged to declare their Major in Psychology (Specialization) at the end of their first year. To be admitted to the Major program, students must successfully complete both PSYO 111 and 121 (or equivalent) and a minimum of 24 credits. To continue as a Psychology Major, a student must register in and successfully complete, both PSYO 270 and 271 (or equivalent).

Declaring Your Specialization

You must declare your Psychology specialization before registering for your courses. You must wait until your registration date and time to declare your specialization.

  1. Select 'Specializations' to view a list of all degree programs which have specializations
  2. Select your degree program
  3. Select Psychology and then Psychology Major from the subject list
  4. Click on the "Add Spec" button.
  5. If the specialization indicates that you must contact the department, you will not be able to declare this online. Contact or phone: 250 807-9528 if you have any problems.

Changing your Specialization 

To change you specialization, browse through the specialization list to find the specialization you want. Use the 'Switch Spec' button to make the change.

For an online tutorial click here.

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